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Women’s Sexual Health

Symptoms of poor sexual health

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For many women, sexual wellness is a key part of emotional happiness.

If you’re struggling with sexual issues such as low libido, vaginal dryness, or trouble reaching orgasm, we have the perfect solution for you. Not every woman suffers from the same sexual issues or from the same underlying problems. Thus, we offer multiple therapies so that our female sexual health expert physicians can customize a program just for your individual needs.

Premier U is dedicated to addressing all aspects of female sexual health and orgasm from head to toe. We pay special attention to your individual needs ensuring the best outcome for your sexual health.

Prime O-Shot

This breakthrough procedure uses Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)derived directly from your blood. With 7x concentration of healing growth factors compared to normal blood, this proprietary treatment can rejuvenate your clitoral and vaginal areas. A simple injection of your own activated PRP is injected into the clitoris labia and G-spot to improve blood flow and stimulate new healthy tissue growth and improve sensitivity by increasing nerve endings.

Custom arousal medications

Many women find that they prefer episodic oral or topical medications that can be used just before engaging in intimacy similar to ED oral meds for men. The convenience and tremendous results offered by these medications make them very popular with single twentysomethings and busy moms.

Bremelanotide/vyleesi/ pt-141

Bremelanotide, the generic form of vyleesi, which was FDA approved in 2019 for generalized hypoactive sexual desire disorder, has a substantial effect on libido. This medication works by stimulating sexual desire in the nervous system rather than just increasing blood flow.  A significant benefit is that arousal is typically seen in minutes and can last for hours to days making it the perfect choice for a romantic weekend.   This peptide is a compounded injectable medication and can only be ordered through a pharmacy.

Custom blended arousal creams

Women have become busier over time, with daily responsibilities such as managing both a career and family, and many find it difficult to put a smile on their face much less get in the mood for sex. Especially after childbirth and as we age and creep nearer to menopause, a loss of interest in sex can be quite common. Many women find it extremely beneficial to utilize a custom-tailored arousal cream. These compounded pharmaceuticals are made specifically for you and function to promote increased blood flow to the clitoris, g-spot, and inner vagina while also increasing desire. One of the biggest advantages is that this cream can be applied topically minutes before anticipated intimacy or even once foreplay has started. Patients report a dramatic increase in desire, vaginal lubrication, orgasm intensity, and overall sexual gratification.


Oxytocin, the cuddle hormone, heightens that warm and fuzzy bonding feeling, increasing sexual receptiveness and intimacy. It is normally released in large amounts when closeness is desired such as skin-to-skin contact, sexual arousal, and orgasm. Many physicians consider this to be the key lubricant in the machinery of sex by reinforcing the overall cycle of sex hormone escalation. Frequently, this hormone is used as a potentiator to make all of the other sexual performance treatments work better. With oral use, Patients report a dramatic increase in feelings of intimacy and closeness, increased orgasm intensity with a quicker climax, and an overall greater sense of well-being.

hormone replacement therapy
Prime O-Shot
custom arousal medications