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Prolotherapy is an innovative regenerative medicine technique that has been proven to help significantly in recovery from orthopedic, soft tissue, and nerve injuries. Short for proliferative therapy, it involves a sugar solution injection to cause controlled localized tissue trauma. This, in turn, causes an innate healing response inside the body similar to stem cell therapy. This healing process is thought to repair the damaged tissue in such a way that results in stronger tissue integrity. This particular technique requires thorough orthopedics assessment which allows the practitioner to attack the joint/soft tissue complex at its weakest link, typically where tendons and ligaments connect to bones. This then stabilizes the joints to take the stress off musculoskeletal structures, relieve muscle spasms, reduce inflammation, and improve strength and biomechanics. The ultimate goal of this combination is to relieve pain and prevent injury. Schedule an appointment today with one of our orthopedic experts to determine if prolotherapy or one of our other regenerative medicine options is the solution for you.

Conditions treated with Prolotherapy

TMJ Pain
Orthopedic Conditions
Tennis Elbow
Joint Pain
Spine Pain
Nerve Pain
Plantar Fasciitis

Benefits of Prolotherapy

Non Invasive


Proven effectiveness

success rates

Little to no

Heals the body
from within

Treats the cause
not the symptom

Stronger Joint
and/or Muscle Complex

Very few
side effects