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Men’s Health

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Attention Men. We have just the ticket for you.

We are proud to partner with the experts at Alpha Performance Medicine to bring you the ultimate in male centric anti-aging performance healthcare. From Testosterone Optimization to Regenerative Medicine and Sexual Health/ED treatments to Hair Restoration, we have all the bases covered to get you back in the game. While many of our treatments for men are listed here on our Premier U site, you will find even more exciting options for male health and longevity on the Alpha Performance Medicine website. Please click here to be taken to Alpha Performance Medicine. As a side note. You will find a more comprehensive list of aesthetic options here on the Premier U site under the Aesthetics tab compared to the Alpha site.

Our Treatments

Testosterone Optimization
Growth Hormone Optimization
Peptide Therapy
Platelet Rich Plasma
Biomarker Assessment
Hair Restoration
IV Infusions
NAD+ Infusion
Female Bioidentical Hormone Replacement