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Women’s Health

We have one question for all of the women out there.

How come men get all of the attention when it comes to aging-based performance medicine and hormone optimization?

Seriously!! Have you seen the ads all over social media, TV, and radio promoting treatments for Low T, ED, or Hair Loss? Sure there are Med Spas that cater more to women, and many of us have our own gynecologist. But what about dedicated high-level healthcare for all of the multitude of issues unique to women that aren’t being addressed anywhere else. Where do WE go for expert help for issues like low energy, diminished sex drive/satisfaction, hair loss, migraines, persistent weight gain, or anxiety/depression, just to name a few? Premier U was designed to be the ultimate comprehensive healthcare experience for women. From our compassionate women’s healthcare certified providers to our amazing array of leading-edge treatments and procedures, you will find that everything we do is focused on healing and optimizing our female patients’ body, mind and spirit.. Please see below all of our treatment options for everything from functional/regenerative medicine to hormone optimization and medical weight loss to high-end medical aesthetics.

Functional Regenerative Medicine