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Headache Clinic

Headache Treatment

We are proud to be one of the only offices in the metro-east to offer a headache clinic as part of Neuropathy and Pain Solutions, the pain management group we are affiliated with. We receive countless referrals from area physicians to help their patients manage and even beat the pain of migraines and other types of headaches. Being the only provider of Botox for migraines and cervical dystonia on this side of the river has allowed us to serve numerous patients, including military service members, thus giving you a close, convenient and effective option to eliminate your headache pain. Give us a call today to get back to living again, free from the burden of headaches,

How treatment works

Our compassionate, expert providers have extensive training in neurology as well as Migraine etiology. This education along with significant experience using the most advanced medical methods (including both medications and procedures) allows us to treat your condition most effectively. We incorporate a variety of most current pharmaceutical preparations, including Qulipta, Ubrelvy, Botox and Vyepti to allow options for those that fail to respond to one just one medicine. Additionally, our functional medicine providers participate in your care in order to help find the root cause of your headache issues. These functional medicine specialists can help eliminate triggers as well as treat other conditions that may be exacerbating your headaches. This integrative blend of standard allopathic treatments along with alternative medicine is the winning combination and secret to our success in helping so many patients overcome their headache conditions.


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