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Women’s Hormone Therapy

Hormone Optimization

Hormone Replacement Therapy is one of our core or primary services offered because it is often the basis for everything else we do. Our approach to your wellness is based on the simple premise that there are two things required for our cells/bodies to function properly. These two elements are energy and biochemicals or bioregulators. Energy will be discussed on other pages like under regenerative medicine. Things like vitamins, minerals, prostaglandins and enzymes can all function as biochemicals in our bodies, but hormones are our primary bioregulators. These vital substances vary significantly with age, can be influenced by many factors both inside and outside of our bodies and are integral for almost every function in our body. We find dramatic health improvement for almost all conditions when we optimize a patient’s hormones to work synchronously. 

One of the things that set us apart in this industry is our expertise and care in making sure that our patient’s hormones remain at the optimum level for them as an individual. Too many “hormone clinics” use a cookie-cutter approach of looking only at basic blood draw labs and then putting those into computer simulations to pick your optimal dose of hormones. Just because a lab test says your hormones are now in the proper range doesn’t mean you will feel the results you are looking for. We believe that each patient is a unique individual and must be treated as such. At Premier U, our providers have all had extensive training in truly optimizing a patient’s end result function due to hormone replacement therapy and this is what our patients are looking for. How our patients feel and how their lifestyle improves is where we get our satisfaction from. Book an appointment today with one of our Hormone Replacement Expert Providers to get started feeling and looking your best.

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Female Hormone Replacement

As women, some hormonal changes are natural, but outside factors and underlying health conditions can also influence these changes, which then creates hormonal imbalances. These hormonal imbalances produce undesired signs and symptoms that can hinder your daily life and well-being. Symptoms of an imbalance look different for everyone, both physically and emotionally. Whether your imbalance is caused by stress, poor nutrition, perimenopause, or an underlying health condition, recognizing your signs and symptoms is the first step to seeking treatment and getting back to living the life that you deserve.

Get back to living again with our Hormone replacement therapy.

Our certified women’s health providers are experts at the difficult task of optimizing or balancing your unique hormone profile. There is a delicate and intricate balance of the three hormones estrogen, progesterone and testosterone in the female body. These three bioregulators vary with age and even fluctuate significantly with menstrual cycles. Thus, you must seek out a professional that has extensive training in treating these hormone imbalances. While most clinics offer only one form of hormone replacement, at Premier U, we have three options at our disposal to ensure that we use the method that will be the easiest for you to use while also yielding the best results. These three methods are oral, creams or oils and pellets. Again, no two patients are the same, and we pride ourselves on our individualized treatment for each patient. That being said, we typically have superior results with creams/oils, especially as our first intervention. This allows us to customize the exact ratios of the substances and gives us different options for timing and absorption. 

For instance, for the first 2 weeks of your cycle, you may require a 20/10/10 percent cream daily, but then as your natural hormones wane, you may need a 10/10/3 ratio, or you may need to do every other day dosing. We use this only as an example to show both how creams give us so many options and how important it is to use a true expert in the field. Much of what we learn from your individual symptoms and improvements seen with initial treatment is what allows us to truly tailor your dosing program to get the optimal results you are looking for. Remember, the goal of any hormone replacement therapy, at its core, should be for you to look and feel better. 

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Hormone Replacement Therapies at Premier U

Below is a summary of the 3 methods we use for female hormone replacement therapy.

smiling young woman taking a hormone therapy pill

Oral Forms of Hormones

This is the easiest of all administration types. However, there are several drawbacks. Some of the hormones are not readily absorbed orally or can be hard on the liver if larger doses are needed. Additionally, there is no way to control the dispersion rate with these, meaning they can be used up in a matter of hours leading to peaks and valleys in hormone levels.

woman applying hormone cream to her shoulder

Hormone Creams and Gels

This is our most preferred administration method. The application is very patient-friendly. As discussed earlier, this method gives us the most treatment options with a virtually infinite number of percentage ratios available. These creams are readily absorbed and can be modified into oils to change absorption rates as well as to make them more natural and free of solvents. All of our patients start with some version of this method along with oral administration.

woman happy because she takes hormone pellets

Hormone Pellets

The advantage of the pellet system is that they are typically inserted painlessly and last for 3 months at a time. This means not having to remember to take a pill or rub in a cream every day. The major drawback of this method is that there is no way to change the amounts or dose of the hormones on a regular basis.  

Thus, we only utilize this method with those patients who have been under care for at least 6 months, allowing us to formulate the optimal hormone ratios for them and who really desire the convenience of this administration. Be wary of clinics that use this method only. Most of these use very basic blood tests to input hormone levels into a computer program that will design your pellet’s hormone ratios. These programs tend to lump everyone into a few small groups and allow very little individuality. Additionally, we prefer our years of human clinical experience along with really paying attention to your weekly and monthly symptom changes compared to a computer program that keeps you stagnant for months at a time.

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